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De-cluttering and abundance

So, further to our last little chat yesterday on clearing out the clutter to make way for the amazing abundance that was going to come flooding into your lives.

I watched and took note of yesterday’s video about de-cluttering and found the furthest left-hand corner of my home (from the front door looking in –  is, in Feng Shui terms the abundance sector), was of course. The kitchen. Why the kitchen? I mean really? Who has fun cleaning the kitchen?

kitchen cleaning

Now, I have to admit. There actually wasn’t a lot of clutter here. The home is only a few years old, and because we have been in the habit of building and shifting every couple of years for a while now. I had been getting progressively more aggressive in my clutter clearing. There is only so much shit that you don’t need, don’t use and really can’t be bothered packing up again! So I didn’t have a lot of rubbish and unnecessaries to clean out.

But cleaning and improving lighting and air flow has the same effect as removing clutter. Meaning that the energy in an area can become stagnant, and this being a small space with little or no natural light could be improved upon.

Step 1. Wipe over the surfaces and clean drawers. There was a bundle of recipe magazines that ‘I was at some time going to create amazing dishes from‘ – Never happened. Move on. Ditch.

Step 2. Bring in a small cyclamen plant that flowers, but is happy in medium to low light. (afternoon light does come in to help it along) And plants are very BIG in Feng Shui terms.

There are plants that are specific to wealth and abundance with easier care like the money or Jade plant.




Step 3. Opened the window a little to allow better airflow.

Step 4. And this one is a biggy. Set your intention before you start. Eg As I clear out the old, I allow room for amazing abundance to flow into my life”. 

A number of things can occur when you start this de-cluttering business. 1.You can find stuff that you had misplaced. Just make sure you truly need it and love it, otherwise pass it on. 2. A simple little sense of ‘ a job well done‘. I’m a messy person by nature, and I feel a sense of achievement when I’ve actually cleaned something. 3. The area should actually have a better vibe about it. It will feel loved. And you will enjoy spending time there. And this goes for any area you de-clutter and clean.

There are a number of other things you can do to improve the energy of a space in Feng Shui terms with crystals, images, mirrors and the like. But I was happy with how my little nook felt at the end of it.

So, 24 hours later. I’m checking out the abundance that is flowing through the door. Not much money sadly. But I am reminded that abundance comes in many ways. The sun shone brightly, the birds sang loudly and sweetly. I met with good friends for a catchup with a great coffee. I have food in the fridge (cleaned of course) to make a special meal for my love. I slept well in a warm bed. I feel healthy. My life is filled with abundance and I feel very blessed and thankful.

I have been practising de-cluttering for a number of years now, and I can say it definitely makes a difference in my life.

But now I need some new clothes, so it’s off to the wardrobe!




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