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Perfect health, wonderful relationships, lots of money, perfect career and abundance? Hey, we all want it! But how to bring all these wonderful elements into our lives?

People that ‘know’. You know, the ones that sit in robes inhaling deep wafts of incense with slightly glazed expressions on their faces. They will tell you that these things, these elements, are already there. You ask then poof! You receive. You place yourself on the same level of energy or vibration that these wonderful things exist and they can only come to you. No problems. Hmmm.

The funny thing is. It’s all true! But it’s not that easy if you’ve been hanging out in a low vibration kind of zone. And like my mate Abraham (well he is Esther Hicks mate, but I reckon he/they would be my mate too if I asked nicely), would tell me. Start gentle, start slow.

Excerpt from The Law of Abundance – As Abraham explains, to “raise your vibration” it is easiest to travel through the emotions from one to the next, rather than try to leap all the way to the top. For example, if you were to be feeling pessimistic, it would be easier to achieve a vibration that resonated at boredom than it would to shoot all the way to feeling joyful and empowered.  From boredom you could then reach for contentment, then hopefulness, and then continue all the way up one step at a time.

Abundance. jpg

So how can we start bringing in that good stuff. What would be one small step that we could take today?

How about a spot of Feng Shui? I’ve always had a warm spot for Feng Shui. I’ve used it haphazardly throughout my life and do find that when I start getting a little more serious about it and using intention at the same time. Wonderful things happen.

One of my main problems is clutter. I am a hoarder. You get that when you have many interests and a little touch of the old ADD.

So this morning, going through my email (more clutter – 1500 emails waiting to be sorted and deleted – I know, I know!), when one at the top was a video from Denise Lynn on Feng Shui and de -cluttering.

This particular de-cluttering was for your abundance corner of the home. Now I’m liking this idea! My furthest left corner of my home is a little coffee nook/scullery. Full of extra plates, cooking books that no longer get read, a bit grimy with drawers that have not had a proper clean for a while. So apparently, if I go and sort this corner. Abundance will flow to me more freely. Nice!

The Universe does not like clutter. Unloved stuff hanging around taking up space. How can new wonderful things come in if there is no room? Plus one of the side effects of de-cluttering and cleaning is (for me) a sense of achievement, a sense of a job done. It helps bring a sense of order to my busy mind and with that lifts my vibration. So it can’t be all bad!

So setting my intention I state that as I clean out the old, I allow amazing abundance in.

I’ll let you know how I go. But in the meantime. What’s happening in your furthest left-hand corner?


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