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I woke up this morning feeling sad and a bit glum. My love is working away and I am not used to not having his presence around me. Being a little bit hormonal does not help, and I could feel myself getting caught up in the ‘nobody loves me, everybody hates me, think I’ll go and eat worms‘, cycle.

Well, this was not good! Understanding the Law of Attraction, did I want the rest of the day to carry on with the mood that I had woken up with? Because I’m telling you this. That is exactly what the potential of this day was going to be if I did not get my proverbial good vibes up and running!

Where to start? My mood was pretty dark and I did not think I had it in me to lift it by itself, so I needed a little help. Enter stage right (actually it was left because that is where my bedside table with books is). I grabbed a book written by Pam Grout – Thank and Grow Rich  Great book on lifting your vibration to bring in lots of good stuff – not just money.

So I opened the book randomly to an exercise on getting back to nature.

Tropical frangipani

I was reminded that getting back to nature was one of the best ways for lifting your vibration. So I ventured outside onto the still damp grass without shoes on. Clouds were building up in the north and you could smell the rain in the air. Birds were calling and bees were buzzing. I looked around to find an early golden iris had blossomed, heralding Autumn.

I continued walking around the garden and picked up the hose to water a few of the pot plants and noted to myself that there were lots of cherry tomatoes on the bush waiting to be picked.

By this stage, I was definitely feeling lighter. As I strolled I remembered another lesson about setting your intent for the day – first thing in the morning. So my intent for this day was that it was going to be AWESOME! That amazing things were coming to me today and that I would have wonderful communications with like-minded people. (I was feeling a little lonely)

Within 15 minutes of this little interlude, I had received a lovely phone call from my beloved plus messages from other close friends. My mood had lifted considerably and Abraham (Esther Hicks – Law of Attraction) would be pleased with me!

It was all about choices. What choices are you making today?

So today IS going to be awesome and I hope yours is as well.


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