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A Facebook post was being shared around the traps showing a traffic tunnel in (I think Korea – but don’t quote me on that!). It showed where a car accident had occurred and immediately people got out of their cars (the tunnel had been blocked by the accident) to see what had happened. Immediately the ones closest to the accident started shifting their vehicles to the side, then getting back out to usher those further away to do the same. Which everyone did, quickly and with no fuss.

This created a clear space for emergency vehicles to pass through.

What got me about the post, were the responses from those sharing and commenting in a negative manner.

I see so many beautiful posts shared by disgruntled people lamenting the fact that they do not see this (the actions of kindness/tolerance/patience) in their own world. All I can say has already been stated by this wise man.


I don’t know about you? But I tend to see the goodness in people around me all the time. On the weekend just gone, a horrific road accident occurred not far from the town where I live. A guy suffering some sort of mental breakdown/drug frenzy (we still don’t know), deliberately ran into the path of oncoming vehicles. The resulting carnage was 1 dead and 2 badly injured.

Now I realise that this act in itself was awful beyond words. But the point I wanted to make were the actions of the people who stopped at the accident.

Immediately after blocking off the road to oncoming vehicles, people were jumping out of their cars to go to the aid of the victims (including the perpetrator). Realising that one car was on fire and the other was very close, someone helped tow that car away from the fire. Others were attending the injured in the best way they could while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

I know that bad things happen. But there is always goodness in the world, these strangers attending this accident proves this to me.

What do you want to see in the world? Be that change.


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