My daughter lost a friend the other day. This young woman decided that life was too hard to stay, so took her own life. 28, aspiring photographer and adventurer.
Close friends knew that something was amiss. That she had her own demons. But sadly were unable to help her.
There are no words that can alleviate the pain felt by her friends and family.

I post this here that people take the time to listen to others that may be in pain.
Listen and take note. Just be there for them in love. You can not make anything ‘better’ for them as only they can do this. But very importantly, if you feel that they may be in danger of hurting themselves, or indeed have actually voiced the thought. Call someone who you think may be in a position to help them. In Australia, this could be Life Line – 13 11 14. Emergency 000, the local doctor, hospital.
If you think someone may be suicidal, here is the online link to Life Line with some excellent information that may help you to help them.


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