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Tarot Card for the Day – 4 of Swords



Rest and recuperation.
A young man lies in repose with 3 swords above his head, one laying under him and a bright leadlight window shining its light upon him.
Yes, this is exactly how I feel today. :-/. I’ve had a bit of a virus over the past few weeks and it is wanting to linger. I thought briefly that I should be attempting a little exercise, but the impetus for the thought fizzled out very quickly!

The leadlight window in the image symbolises Spirit with the reminder to let it help when you’re not feeling flash, or life has got you down. Take some time out to relax, chill, slow it down and be guided by Spirit/the Universe/God as to how to move forward.
So today, I will not be ‘busy’ (as I was yesterday). I will get done what needs to get done but in a gentle way.
I am reminded that maybe some meditation would be a good idea and (as I am typing this I am being ‘told’), it will help with getting a better sleep. (something that has been decidedly lacking lately!)

So gently into the day I go, knowing that Spirit has got my back.


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