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Home made Tomato Kasundi Relish

I had an interesting little interaction with my farrier today. (in a nice way) My farrier is just the nicest of blokes. He comes over once per month to give my 2 aged horses a pedicure. And generally always has some wonderful advice for me about the animals, or we just chat about life in general whilst he whittles away at their feet.

A good farrier is about as rare as hens teeth to find and keep, so I spoil him with home cooked cakes and jams occasionally. (he’s single if anyone’s looking?).

So, as I was organising some money inside the house to pay him, I decided on the spur of moment to give him a jar of Kasundi that I had cooked up yesterday. ( just love the abundance of cherry tomatoes in my garden at the moment!)

I picked out a random jar that seemed the ‘right size’ to give him and took it outside.

He was delighted with the offering, saying that he had never tasted this form of relish before, but his brother who was visiting would probably love it as well as he liked spicy dishes.

He took the jar from me at this point and took a look at the lid and laughed.. “Yackandandah” (now there’s a good Aussie towns name!). The brother who is visiting is from Yackandandah! This little town is in the middle of the state of Victoria (the other side of Australia from where we live),with a population of 950.

I keep all jars for my jams and preserves and I could of given him one of any of them, but chose this one at random. I think it had once held lemon butter.

An interesting little coincidence don’t you think?


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