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Page of Pentacles – Tarot

Tarot card for the day.

Page of Pentacles.

A young lad standing in a field of red flowers. The sky is clear around him. He wears a red hat and holds a coin in the air in front of him.
The Pentacles suit generally speaks of your financial situation, how you relate to money and abundance or how money and abundance come and goes.
The Page may represent a young person or someone at the start of a journey. Learning something new or working towards a goal.
So for me today, this card speaks of the beginnings of possibly a financial venture or money coming in. This could come in the way of a young person who I may come in contact with who can assist me in some ways with my own business or income, or I may be assisting someone else with theirs. The Page is usually passionate about their ideas, but still young and inexperienced. As sometimes with new ideas, we can feel passionate and excited about them at the beginning, but it takes a certain maturity to carry it through.
I wasn’t sure how this card would fit into this day (it is past lunchtime), but then remembered that I’ve already had a taste of its lesson this morning.
My youngest daughter (the Page) had come home for the Xmas break, and whilst here raided my studio to play with some craft.
She had got stuck into my jewellery stash and created a beautiful lariat necklace. I saw it and remarked that it would fit into my online fashion accessory store beautifully and could she make me another which I would sell for her.
Leather lariat necklace
My daughter lives and breathes the ocean, working as a scuba diver, skipper and tourist guide with the Whale Sharks up in Exmouth. But… she is also a closet artist with a keen eye for colour and design.
She laughed at me when I suggested she try making some more jewelry as a side income. I would help her get started, photographing and selling it from my store.
Any hoo.. It sold last night! Yee ha! So there you go. 🙂

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