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How to make White Chocolate Bark and a word or two about Christmas.

Special white chocolate bark with cherries, pistachios and Turkish Delight

Christmas time for me is about family. We are not a religious mob, more Spiritual I suppose you could say. Enough has been shown to me over the years to prove there is more ‘there’ that meets the eye and that LOVE RULES. So, we celebrate. Not the tradition of a particular religion, but the tradition of love. My adult children are spread across this very large country, and I am very blessed to have them come home to be with us at this time of the year.


We will eat together, play games together. My widowed father and single brother will join us. It is forecast to be about 32C / 90F on the day, so a swim in the pool or down the beach will definitely be on the agenda! It is about sharing love and reminding ourselves how lucky we are to have been born in this beautiful country and that we are able to live in peace.

My children and grandchildren

We do follow a couple of the seasons traditions, one of which was getting the grandchildren to come over and help me decorate the Xmas Tree. The other is baking treats as gifts for friends and family.

Which leads me to the WORLDS BEST WHITE CHOCOLATE BARK. Really, it is very nice đŸ™‚

This is a very easy recipe for kids (adult looking after the melted chocolate part).

So check out the recipe here

And to those who come to visit my little blog. Have a very wonderful holiday, Christmas or however you celebrate these coming few weeks. May your lives be blessed with love, happiness and prosperity.

xx Julie



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