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A Little Gift Box Tutorial

Its a rainy day in Dunsborough today. Its Summer here now in Australia, and we’ve had a dry spell so I’m loving the rain! We live in a semi -rural part of the state with a mixture of pasture and native bush land and it was starting to get a bit parched so this rain is a blessing.

Rainy day view from my studio. Those are kangaroos bunkering down on the right.

Mind you, I’m a ‘Winter girl’ . I love it when its green and lush. When its chilly and rainy and I can bunker down either in my studio or in front of an fire with glass of red wine in hand and a good book. I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine. I have a small bucket list, and on that list is to celebrate a White Christmas. Of course  I will have to travel to the Northern Hemisphere to experience this, but one day….

My fantasy idea of White Christmas

I’ll show you pics of how we celebrate Chrissy in a few weeks, but in the meantime I’m sitting in my studio about to parcel up orders of scarves and brooches that are to be sent off to customers. I love the thought that I am spreading colour and art around the world!

One of the items purchased was a shawl pin, so I thought I would show you the little gift wrap technique that I came up with that keeps the shipping parcel standard large envelope width. Being in Australia, shipping around the world can be quite expensive. Lower shipping prices is always a consideration in someones decision to purchase an item.

Find the gift envelope tutorial here.

One thought on “A Little Gift Box Tutorial

  1. Super cute! And as someone who grew up in LA I can completely relate to the bucket list item of wanting to experience a white Christmas. 🙂 I moved to Canada though so I am very hopeful that bucket list item will receive a check mark!

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