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Of Caramel Slice and Dangly Bits

Today, after spending the morning mulching a garden bed, chainsawing and clearing a fallen branch plus planting up a very large bamboo I was exhausted!. There was only so much physical energy one could put out before hitting the proverbial wall! So to combat that, I indulged in some amazing caramel slice that my wonderful girl friend Sue had created and given as an early Xmas gift. No way that slice is going to last 2 days, let alone until Xmas!

Oh so yummy Caramel Slice

After munching out on just a little piece (or three) and partaking in a reviving coffee, (Nothing like caffeine and sugar for a kick start!) I wandered into my studio to look for something a little creative to do.

As my workbench still had a pile of bits and bobs from a shawl pin I had made up yesterday, I thought I would carry on with another.


I would call my studio bench a ‘creation waiting to become”. My hubby would call it a mess.

I am a collector ( hoarder), of jewelry. I cannot walk into a St Vinnies or second hand store without leaving with some wonderful pieces of unloved jewels. They come home with me, these little dingles or dangles and sparklies. Waiting for their time in the sun again.

As you get to know me, you will find that I create all manner of things. I started creating my scarf brooches or pins to go with some crochet and wool felt shawls and scarves that had been crafted. Just a little something to hold them in place.

And as a mixed media and textile artist, I love up-cycling fabrics and jewelry, and this is usually how I add something a little different and unique to my kilt pins.

I deconstructed some long dangly earrings which had this amazing pink agate bead, and along with some wonderful vintage red and white glass beads put together this brass shawl pin.


Shawl pin

Here’s the one I crafted yesterday. Again using found jewelry parts as some of the components.

Vintage Style Shawl Pin/Brooch

But now it is Sunday, 3.00 in the afternoon and I haven’t had lunch yet. My tummy feels like it needs a bit more that caramel slice (tempting though it is!), so I’m off to join hubby for a bit of chill time and maybe some proper food. Maybe read a book? I found Chocolat by Joanne Harris in a second hand book store for $2.00 the other day. Love a bargain, don’t you?


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